bik-er (bi'ker) noun. One who rides a motorcycle or bicycle.

Do you like playing on two wheels? How about canyon carving, boulevard cruising, back road touring, dual-sporting, trail-riding, boulder-hopping, single-tracking or downhill mountain biking? Whatever your pleasure, here's where you'll find the best connections for motorcycling and mountain biking activities in the San Bernardino mountains and surrounding areas.

From our home base near Big Bear Lake, we've spent years exploring the area's dirt roads, single-track trails and winding highways and byways. Besides having some of the finest motorcycling and mountain biking in Southern California, we are close to the Mojave Desert and Inland Empire, providing us with outstanding year-round recreational opportunities. We invite you to join us for some two-wheeled fun!

Join Us on the Asphalt

If you enjoy riding a motorcycle on winding mountain roads, check out the Big Bear Road Riders web site. We have information that will interest owners of domestic and metric cruisers, dressers, baggers, sportbikes, standards and customs. Visit the Big Bear Road Riders web site.

If you own a Harley and live near Big Bear, come ride here, and bring a passenger. There's lots of information for you at the Big Bear Harley Riders web site.

If you're into spirited riding and canyon-carving, you'll love Big Bear rides. You don't need to own a full-on sportbike, because with any bike that handles well in the twisties you will enjoy these local rides. For more information, check out the Big Bear Sport Riders.

Join Us in the Dirt

The Big Bear Trail Riders Motorcycle Club is affiliated with the American Motorcyclists Association District-37 (AMA D-37) Dual-Sport Division. Club membership is open to anyone interested in recreational trail-riding or participating in organized dual-sport events. Off-road riders of all abilities are welcome. Visit the Big Bear Trail Riders web site to find out more about the club.

During the cooler months, trials riders from Big Bear and nearby Southern California locations get together at Cougar Butte in the Johnson Valley OHV Area, where they practice their skills and coach each other. Anyone who rides a trials motorcycle, regardless of their age or skill level, is invited to check out these informal Sunday outings. For more information, visit the Slickrock Sundays web site.

If you enjoy getting a really good aerobic workout by pedaling a mountain bike uphill, come ride the dirt roads and trails with Team F.O.G. on their single-track Saturdays. Mountain biking is some of the best cross-training you can do to build your strength and endurance for off-road motorcycling.


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